Back from Vegas!

by wfgodbold

And I still have my shirt (for which we can all be eternally grateful).

I did some gambling, ate some good food, drank some large margaritas, and all in all had a good time. No backscatter machines (that I saw; maybe I wasn’t looking closely enough) and no enhanced patdown, though my toothpaste got confiscated on the trip back for being 4.1 oz instead of 3.5 oz (it made it through the checkpoint on the way there just fine).

The Luxor was a decent hotel; it’s no Bellagio, Venetian, or Caesar’s Palace, but it wasn’t a dump, either.

I’ll go through my pictures and post some of them over the next week or so. At the moment, I’m more interested in catching up on the 800+ items in my RSS reader.

Now that I’m back with reliable internet access, I’ll be able to post on contemporary topics; writing up enough posts to last for a few days was tough, and it seems like half of what I wrote about ended up being either updated or outdated by the time it went up.

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