Did the Indiana Supreme Court just give carte blanche to dress up like SWAT and go around home invading?

by wfgodbold

Because if you have no right to resist an unlawful police entry into your home (H/T Kevin), and all you can hear are guys banging on the door, yelling “Police! Open up!”, then how might you defend yourself?

If they’re legit police, raiding the wrong house through negligence (it happens all the time), then you’ve just made your situation far worse.

If they’re just a bunch of criminals dressed up like the police, then you’re in just as bad of a position.

From what I understand of the case itself, it looks like in this specific instance the police were okay to enter the man’s house and arrest him; however, this ruling seems to be far too sweeping.


4 Responses to “Did the Indiana Supreme Court just give carte blanche to dress up like SWAT and go around home invading?”

  1. Is it possible that this case be considered by the US Supreme court since this appears to be a clear infringement of our U.S. Constitutional forth amendment rights? I am ashamed of Indiana’s judiciary and hope that Hoosier voters remember opinions like this when the three justices in the majority come up for retention, including chief justice Shepard, shame.

    • I assume if it gets appealed it will go to the Supreme Court, but there’s no guarantee they’ll overturn it. The fourth amendment has been infringed upon for a long time, with the war on drugs and now with the war on terror, that I’m afraid they’re more likely to rubber-stamp their approval than straighten out the lower court.


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