One of today’s featured items at NCSX…

by wfgodbold

Is a PlayStation wall clock.

I expected it to be like the It’s Duff Time clock, only no matter what time it is, the hands point to “Offline” instead of beer. But no, one has a controller on the face, and the other has the iconic triangle/circle/square/x on the face.

The PSN has been taken down again (after a brief day or two back online (though even that was without the PlayStation Store)). It turns out the initial outage was caused by someone using a rented Amazon Cloud server to perpetrate the attack.

Once it does come back up, though, Sony will give affected customers two PSN games and two PSP games (chosen from a list.

For the PS3 (in North America), you can choose any two of LittleBigPlanet, Infamous, Wipeout HD/Fury, Dead Nation, and Super Stardust HD.

For the PSP, your choices are any two of LittleBigPlanet PSP, ModNation Racers PSP, Pursuit Force, and Killzone Liberation.

Just remember that instead of entrusting your credit card to Sony in the future, it might be wiser to make purchases via PSN cards.


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