As they sow, so shall they reap

by wfgodbold

Harass people who’ve never done you any harm, and don’t be surprised when the hammer gets dropped on you for violating Twitter’s TOS.

Not only can one of the grand high mucky-mucks in the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence not even be bothered to send more than a token form letter (created by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, no less) in response to an ATF request for comments on whether or not the agency should comply with or disregard FEDERAL LAW, but he got @CSGV suspended on Twitter for harassing certain people who disagree with him.

Update: Fixed the post title so that sow and reap weren’t backwards. I need to be more careful when writing while half-asleep.

2 Comments to “As they sow, so shall they reap”

  1. I have to wonder whether or not Joshua Horwitz knew or cared what his employees were doing with the official CSGV Twitter account… That account was, after all, the public presence of his organizations to however many hundreds of followers it had, and it was being hijacked to pursue personal vendettas and engage in rather childish behavior. Maybe he thought viciously and senselessly attacking and harassing law-abiding citizens was beneficial to his cause? I wonder what he thinks now?

  2. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’d been told to get examples of unhinged gun owners for them to use in their “work.”

    If this is how they think they’re going to win hearts and minds, I think they’re going to dislike the result.

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