Oh Noes! I’m not a part of the media elite, so I’m unqualified to share my opinions!

by wfgodbold

According to Aaron Sorkin, who says:

When I read the Times or The Wall Street Journal, I know those reporters had to have cleared a very high bar to get the jobs they have. When I read a blog piece from “BobsThoughts.com,” Bob could be the most qualified guy in the world but I have no way of knowing that because all he had to do to get his job was set up a website–something my 10-year-old daughter has been doing for 3 years. When The Times or The Journal get it wrong they have a lot of people to answer to. When Bob gets it wrong there are no immediate consequences for Bob except his wrong information is in the water supply now so there are consequences for us…

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, but I’m fairly sure that I know more than most journalists about chemical engineering and Japanese culture.

How can I be sure, you ask?

Because I read the damn articles journalists write, and they’re badly researched, badly written, and get stuff wrong.

Why should I expect journalists to be any more right about anything else they write about? Should I just assume they know what they’re talking about with respect to the economy, or to medicine, or physics, or law, or any other subject?

One Comment to “Oh Noes! I’m not a part of the media elite, so I’m unqualified to share my opinions!”

  1. Wow. That is an appeal to authority of the worst possible kind – journalists are authorities only at writing, and sometimes not even that… assuming they comprehend what they are writing about is laughably naive, at best.

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