Hard Bop Chase

by wfgodbold

L.A. Noire, the latest sandbox game from Rockstar, puts the player in the shoes of a 1947 Los Angeles detective.

The game world is huge; Rockstar claims to have recreated the entirety of L.A. itself, and then they just set you loose.

Given the obvious film noir elements in the game, I expect that the player character will walk the fine line between upholding the law and pursuing personal vendettas; it is a Rockstar game, after all, and the company that brought us the Grand Theft Auto franchise is bound to let you do whatever you damn well please while you explore the city.

That said, I haven’t played it. It’s gotten good reviews, but the main criticism seems to be that there are too many cutscenes. I imagine that was necessary to really drive home the noir aspect of the game; if they’d let you do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, it would have just been Grand Theft Auto: 1947 Los Angeles: This Time, with Fedoras!


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