That wasn’t as bad as I feared

by wfgodbold

When I heard Priest was better than Legion, I wasn’t exactly encouraged.

It turned out to be a decent movie, though. Basically it was Judge Dredd (with the Church replacing the judge system) meets vampire killing meets spaghetti westerns.

Karl Urban did an okay job as the Man Vampire with No Name, and Paul Bettany was convincing as his brooding foil, exhausted from years of fighting the good fight.

The action scenes were good, the plot twists were pretty obvious (though I was surprised that the Church didn’t end up as the Big Bad), and the Cursed Earth wasteland was bleak and forlorn.

I am curious though; did they name the farmer in the desert in the opening Owen as a nod to Star Wars?


2 Comments to “That wasn’t as bad as I feared”

  1. I just want to know what the humans anywhere were eating, given that there did not seem to be a single crop, and the farmer was saying they might be able to start actually planting things “soon”…

    • Soylent Green is vampires, I guess.

      I can’t think of any other reason why they’d leave them in reservations instead of just exterminating them all. That’s just bad planning.

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