Cara Mia

by wfgodbold

Better known as the “Turret Opera” from the end of Portal 2 (no spoilers in the video, unless you happen to speak Italian), Cara Mia plays at the very end of the game, during the final cutscene.

It’s followed (almost immediately) by “Want You Gone,” the Jonathan Coulton track that GLaDOS sings over the credits. That song does contain spoilers (in English, no less!), so I’m not going to feature it here quite yet.

The actual rendition of “Cara Mia” in the game is sung by turrets (hence the Turret Opera moniker), but the following video is an a cappella cover by A Cappella Records.

I think I might prefer this to the original version; while I do love the turrets, their autotuned singing doesn’t seem to work as well for opera.

Valve has also made the first volume of the Portal 2 Soundtrack available for download, absolutely free! No spoilers here, either; it’s all instrumental (as instrumental as electronic music gets, anyway). I imagine the next disc will have “Want You Gone” and “Cara Mia” and they’ll charge for it.


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