NGP details leaked!

by wfgodbold

If accurate, at E3 Sony will release the following information about their Next Generation Portable:

  • It will be released in time for Christmas 2011 in Japan; overseas, March 2012 is more likely.
  • The price will compete directly with the 3DS’s (for the non-3G model); the 3G capable model will probably cost more. Roughly ¥25000.
  • The leak does not reveal specifics regarding the memory; initial estimates put main memory at 512MB, graphics memory at 128MB, but recently it seems more likely that the main memory will be 256MB. They are trying to make the OS as small as possible (to ~26MB) and will put it in very fast memory. The graphics memory estimate is unchanged at 128MB.
  • The system’s initially planned 16GB of flash memory for games and data has been eliminated; games will be available on cards similar to SD cards.

No other new data was leaked; this may change with the presentation at E3, or may be inaccurate.

The total memory tops out at 410MB (256 + 128 + 26), which puts the NGP on par with the iPhone and the iPad 2’s 512MB of memory.

It looks like the original source was in French, which was then translated into Japanese, and which I have subsequently rendered into English. Telephone game rules apply (and my translation hat is probably a bit rusty).

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