Brave Heart

by wfgodbold

Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero? is a platformer spinoff of the Disgaea SRPG series, featuring (as you might guess from the title) the exploding penguin demon mascot characters as our protagonist.

Etna, demoness extraordinaire, wannabe ruler of the underworld, and master of prinnies has sent her minions to gather the ingredients for the fabled ultimate dessert.

What’s power worth if you can’t use it to indulge the slightest whim, after all?

While the prinnies are legion, they have only been given one scarf that prevents them from exploding on violent impact; instead of controlling any particular prinny for the game, the player controls the bescarved penguin, and when it eventually dies, the next in the line of 1000 initial prinnies dons the scarf and marches towards oblivion.


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