Nice to see Germany is preparing for the inevitable tidal wave

by wfgodbold

By caving in to Green demands and shutting down their nuclear power plants (H/T Legal Insurrection).

After all, the Fukushima reactor has proven that nuclear power is inherently unsafe.

You know, if it gets hit by an earthquake of historic power.

And then gets hit by a taller than normal tsunami.

Now, the Green party won in the recent German parlimentary elections, so they’re entitled to govern as they choose; I suppose saying that they’ve “caved into Green demands” is a bit of hyperbole.

This shutdown is just part and parcel of the nuclear hysteria leftover from the 60s and 70s, when the hippies were convinced it was the death knell for Gaia if we went nuclear; in the past few years, they’ve begun to reconsider, since nuclear is far cleaner than coal.

But the hysteria is back, thanks to the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

I’m not saying Fukushima is fine; the situation is obviously severe, and coupled with damage wrought by the tsunami, Japan is in dire straights. But it’s been almost three months since the SHTF, and as bad as it is, it’s not the nuclear holocaust everyone predicts will be unleashed when nuclear reactors go bad.

If you want clean electricity, nuclear is pretty much your only option; if you build the plants in stable areas, and plan for the worst situations, they should be fine.

According to the USGS (assuming I’m reading that map correctly), Germany is almost dead center in the European plate; it’s in as close to no danger from an earthquake as you can get without being in an in-flight plane.

Their plants are completely safe from the disasters that befell the Fukushima reactor; the reaction by the Greens to shut them down is based on irrational fear, and should be condemned as such.


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