Vegas photos

by wfgodbold

I know I said I’d have these up last week, but I had to get my laptop repaired, and then there was family stuff going on until Saturday.

Now that’s all done with, I’ll post a few of the photos I took in Las Vegas a couple weeks back; hit the jump (beware, they are hi-res).

In chronological order (click for full-size):

The MGM Grand lion in profile.

This Atlas never shrugged.

The Eiffel Tower, minus those pesky French.

A winged lion outside Caesar's Palace.

Pegasus, springing from a rock at one of the fountains inside Caesar's Palace.

The Luxor, where we stayed (in one of the tower rooms, not one of the pyramid rooms, though).

Looking down into a bar in the Cosmopolitan. I didn't touch anything; I was afraid I'd break it.

Here's PTGH's daily dose of crass commercialism (in Vegas, is there any other kind?).

No, I don't walk around with my head at angle; I just like taking pictures this way.

The volcano show at the Mirage.

Hail, Caesar! He's directing me to finish crossing the street before I get hit by a crazy Vegas driver.

Another statue outside Caesar's Palace; they really went all out with the whole Roman theme.

The fountain show at the Bellagio. We lucked out; the song that played was "The Ecstasy of Gold."

The MG (I think?) just inside the entrance to the Imperial Palace. I only took the one picture, and it unfortunately turned out a little blurry. 😦

Fried chicken and waffles (with bacon inside!) at the Hash House a go go (inside the Imperial Palace). All that food for less than $20, and it was delicious!

I did a lot of walking (after all, it’s free, unlike everything else in Vegas) over the 3-4 days I was there, but not enough to make up for the food and booze.

I don’t know that I’d go out to Vegas too often; it could get expensive, and all the smoke in the casinos irritated my throat. But I could see going out there once every few years; it was a good time, and I enjoyed seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a few years.

The above photos are mine; Copyright 2011 W.F. Godbold.


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