by wfgodbold

The third game in the Star Ocean series, Till the End of Time, was the only installment released on the PlayStation 2. At the rate they’ve been releasing games (one per generation, about), Star Ocean 5 will be for the PS4/Xbox 720.

Even if the next game in the series is a few years off (though I’m not sure how they’re going to square it with the rest of the series; I think as each sequel comes out, they move further back in time; Star Ocean 4 was the (chronologically) first game in the series, for all that it was the most recently released), the rest of the games have plenty of Motoi Sakuraba music.

If he weren’t so damn prolific, I wouldn’t keep choosing tracks he’s written. Unfortunately for us all, I have little choice in the matter. There are only so many game composers, and only so many games; not even I have played them all (or even scratched the surface, for that matter).


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