A call for ending ethanol subsidies

by wfgodbold

From a Iowan Representative?

I’m impressed. I’ve expressed my opinion on subsidies before, as well as my opinion on ethanol as a fuel source/additive (summary: it sucks).

But if Steve King, from the land of corn Iowa, is calling for an end to corn subsidies, maybe someone important will listen.

Especially given the latest news regarding the state of the earth’s supply of fossil fuels (summary: everything you know is wrong and we probably have enough fuel for centuries).

I’m not saying that we should give up researching alternate energy sources; nuclear energy is awesome and solar power has potential, but the situation isn’t as dire as everyone has been telling us. We don’t have to subsidize technology that isn’t ready for widespread adoption (like electric cars and solar power) until it’s been developed enough for it to actually be cost effective. Cost effective on its own, not cost effective because of tax credits and subsidies and rebates.

We can’t afford to subsidize like we used to (not that we could afford to before, either).

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