As usual, the truth will out

by wfgodbold

And just as most people expected, Weiner’s twitter account wasn’t hacked.

Given yfrog and twitter’s reactions, I’m not surprised at all.

After the revelation, the twittersphere (twitterverse?) was abuzz with dick jokes and scorn, especially since Weiner isn’t going to be resigning his position in Congress.

Apparently, this isn’t Weiner’s first transgression, it’s merely the first time he’s been caught.

I don’t think he broke any laws (though this certainly raises very serious questions about his judgement), and there aren’t any laws that would make horndog congressmen less likely to act out.

The burden of living in a free society is that you have to take responsibility for your actions. It’s best if you do so immediately; if you lie, it’s only going to make it worse for you in the long run (especially if your lies are easily proven to be such).

Remember, kids; once something is on the internet, it will never, ever, ever go away.



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