Dance of Curse

by wfgodbold

Today marks a change; four months after exclusively choosing one game soundtrack selection a day (with only a half dozen or so repeats), I’m expanding the category to include anime, TV shows, and movies.

To commemorate the expanded range of possible tracks, I’ve chosen the battle music from the TV anime Escaflowne. It’s a decent show; good character development (though it suffers a bit for the main character being a high school girl (with all the problems you’d expect)), and good mecha action. War, politics, romance, catgirls, giant robots, and vendettas; it’s got everything you’d expect from an anime series from the 90s.

The music is good, the story is good, and it even has a few plot twists that come waaaay out of left field at you.

And if you don’t like orchestral music with nonsense chanting, you might need to have your head examined.


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