Exxon’s found ~700 million gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico

by wfgodbold

They estimate.

Hopefully they’ll be allowed to drill for it, especially given OPEC’s refusal to up production.

You can’t be picky when drilling for oil; you have to drill where the oil is, or it doesn’t work.

Maybe those claims that we’ve got more fossil fuels available than we ever estimated had something to them after all.

I’m sure this won’t help our so-called “addiction to oil.”

Marko has a great response to that turn of phrase (NSFW: blue language): we’re not addicted to oil, we’re addicted to being able to drive where we want, when we want, with whatever passengers and cargo we want, to do what we want.

No one cares what we have to put in the car to make that happen.

Fill ‘er up with electric goo and turn me loose!


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