Winds of Madness

by wfgodbold

Resident Evil 5, the most recent entry in the long-running survival horror series, is more of an action game than a strict survival horror title. For the most part, ammo isn’t in short supply, and Chris Redfield (our hero™) isn’t alone; he’s got a sidekick.

I didn’t play any of the other games, but when I heard that RE5 would have a co-op mode, I bought it and played through the whole thing online with one of my friends.

The action was pretty good; the zombies weren’t too plentiful (not until you jacked the difficulty level up, at least), and it wasn’t nearly as racist as critics made it out to be.

Sure, you play a lily-white commando guy sent to Africa to clean up the after-effects of a zombie-creating supervirus. Sure, most of the infected guys are black (hey, it’s in Africa). But a zombie game (or film) set in Africa that didn’t feature black zombies would have been bizarre.

Redfield isn’t slaughtering indiscriminately; he’s killing ZOMBIES. He doesn’t care that they’re black; in RE4, hordes of Spanish-speaking European zombies were slain, and that didn’t raise allegations of racism. No one cared when hundreds of white zombies (no, not that one) were killed in the other games.

They’re ZOMBIES. Who cares if they’re scientists, or commandos, or Raccoon City residents, or Europeans, or spear-chucking Africans

Okay, maybe it’s just a little bit racist.


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