Sense of Justice

by wfgodbold

No, this isn’t another post lamenting the sad state of our legal system. It is, however, the theme for Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice.

Working Designs released Growlanser II and III in a bundle they titled Growlanser Generations; it was their final release before going out of business (apparently it’s hard to make money when you only localize one game with a niche audience every 3-4 years; who knew?).

Growlanser II is a direct sequel to Growlanser (whose theme I posted back in March), though the main character has changed. Carmaine, the main character from the original game (along with some of his party members) will join Wein Cruz’s party.

It changes up the system from the first game; instead of trekking from place to place until a party member learns to teleport, Wein and co. can choose their destination from the world map. This results in gameplay that is more SRPGish than its predecessor; unfortunately, it falls prey to SRPG problems, as well.

If you encountered enemies too powerful for you in the first game, you always had the option to go around fighting monsters until you’d leveled up enough to face the stronger enemies; in Growlanser II, you are occasionally not allowed to leave the current battle to improve your characters.

Which means that if you made some unfortunate ability allocations, you can find yourself in an unwinnable battle. And that’s why I never finished Growlanser II.

Besides, the first one was better, anyway. Even if Wein’s scythe is cool (you never see RPG characters with scythes; it’s always swords and staves).

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