The Last Wolf Suite

by wfgodbold

Rurouni Kenshin (localized as Samurai X for the OVAs and movies) is a anime/manga series set during the early years of Meiji Japan (ten years after the restoration).

It follows the reluctant adventures of the wandering swordsman, Kenshin Himura, who has sworn not to kill; he caused enough bloodshed during the Meiji Restoration, fighting against the forces of the Shogunate. He was renowned as a great killer during the war, but in the comparatively peaceful Meiji era, he’s trying to atone for his past.

While the series at first is Kenshin defending the helpless from the bad guy of the week, real meat of the plot hits in the second season, when Kenshin is recruited by the government to stop his replacement, Makoto Shishio, who went rogue after the restoration and is trying to topple the country once more.

This music plays during parts of Kenshin’s battle with the government’s agent, Hajime Saito (known during the war as the Lone Wolf of Mibu); before recruiting him to take out Shishio, they wanted to make sure that the legendary killer’s skills hadn’t atrophied.

During the war, they fought on opposite sides. In their battle, they slip back into their old rivalries.

It’s the best fight in the whole series.


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