Canta per me

by wfgodbold

Noir, the first series in Kouichi Mashimo’s “girlswithguns” trilogy, is being remade as a live action TV show (by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert).

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this adaptation will probably be good; it’s got a couple factors in its favor.

The characters are almost all European; one main character is an amnesiac Japanese girl who can only remember the word “Noir” and how to kill people, but the rest are Western. They won’t have to make everyone into a foreigner for the show to be accessible to Americans, since everyone already is one!

It’s a show rife with action; guns are everywhere, and gunplay is easy for Hollywood to handle without looking (completely) ridiculous.

The guns are varied; Kirika (the amnesiac) carries a Beretta 34, and Mireille (her eventual partner and the other main character) carries a Walther P99.

I doubt they’ll keep Yuki Kajiura’s excellent soundtrack, though.


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