And right on cue, the NYT is clamoring for gun control in the wake of Fast and Furious revelations

by wfgodbold

You stay classy, New York Times Editorial Board (H/T Uncle).

Calderon’s complained about the lapsed assault weapons ban before; I’m sure he’s still in favor of our reinstating the ban.

Mexico has extremely strict gun laws, but that doesn’t seem to stop the cartels. Over 40,000 killings in Mexico since their drug war started in 2006.

The NYT also repeats the false claim that most guns in Mexico are from the United States. To be fair, they’re not alone; the government is pushing this out and out lie as well.

Acting Director Melson is leaving the ATF after the Gunwalker hearings (and rightly so), and slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s family hopes that all those involved in the ATF’s criminal misconduct will be held accountable. I’d hope so too, but given the government’s penchant for looking out for its own, I’m not going to hold my breath.

And finally, Uncle saw this on facebook, and I thought it was an excellent analogy:

Imagine the DEA telling pharmacists to illegally sell oxycontin to known drug dealers or they would be shut down. Then imagine the DEA using the fact that more oxycontin was on the street (and hundreds of overdose deaths) as a pretext for making it harder for patients to get prescribed narcotics. This is essentially what happened with the ATF and Project Gunwalker.

Even the occasional gem sifted from the detritus of facebook isn’t enough to get me to use that vile social networking site. I can’t stand it.

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