by wfgodbold

No, not that one. For some reason, none of the tracks for any of the seven Garden of Sinners movies have descriptive names; they’re all M followed by a number.

In spite of their unoriginal naming, they’re solid tracks from composer Yuki Kajiura, full of strings, chanting, and techno.

The movies are good, too, if confusing; this track is from the fifth film, Paradox Paradigm. If you liked Tsukihime and Fate/stay night, then you’ll probably like this; it’s from the same creators.

Unfortunately, the US blu-ray release was in very limited quantities (and prohibitively expensive); you can rent them on the PSN for $2.99 per movie (though you can’t buy them). After downloading the movie, you’ll have two weeks to watch it; once you’ve watched it once, though, it expires in 24 hours.

The PSN releases have Japanese audio and English subtitles. Maybe if there’s enough demand, Aniplex will license the series out for wider DVD/blu-ray release.

I’m not betting on it, though.

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