Currently reading: For Heaven’s Eyes Only

by wfgodbold

Simon R. Green’s fifth entry in his Secret Histories series picks up right where From Hell with Love left off.

It’s in the same style as the other Shaman Bond novels; gritty, pulpy spy fantasy (literally: Bond is a Drood, and his family has used magical armor to defend England and the world from supernatural dangers), like if Ian Fleming wrote urban fantasy (and without even resorting to trashy urban fantasy cover art!).

If you’re read his other work, you’ll know what to expect: heroes that don’t give up, even when they should, and who aren’t particularly heroic. What his Deathstalker series did for pulp 50s era sci-fi and his Nightside series did for pulp private dick novels, the Secret History series does for spy novels.

It’s gritty and violent and a guilty pleasure; that it’s well-written only makes it better.


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