Fight! Our Mecha-Hisui! (戦え!僕らのメカヒスイ!)

by wfgodbold

It’s not often that a fan-made game becomes a critical success; Type Moon’s Tsukihime was one such game, and its success has been catching. French Bread was known for making doujin soft fighting games, 2D Street Fighter-esque games using anime and game characters without official license.

Melty Blood, though, took them mainstream; French Bread took the popular Tsukihime characters and put them into a fighting game, and Type Moon fans went wild.

It’s seen PC and home console releases, and has even been released into actual arcades in Japan, with dedicated Melty Blood arcade cabinets.

The most recent release in the series is Melty Blood Actress Again (got to love that gratuitous Engrish!), and it has new characters, an expanded story mode, and changes to fighting styles.


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