by wfgodbold

To commemorate the limited release of Trigun: Badlands Rumble in US theaters, today’s selection is the opening to the Trigun TV anime.

And it is a very limited release; in most of the theaters, it’s only showing for one or two days.

In the future, humanity has spread to many worlds, including the desert world of Gunsmoke (yes, really). The show goes all space western on us from there, following the misadventures of Vash the Stampede (AKA The Humanoid Typhoon), notorious wanted man; regular people chase him for the $$60,000,000,000 bounty, insurance agents chase him so that they don’t have to pay out claims for all the havoc he wreaks, and outlaws chase him, especially after he screws up their plans.

The first half of the series is mostly off-the-wall humor and action, but then it gets serious; the action remains, but Vash has to deal with his past and the decisions he’s made throughout his long life.

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