More Carnival Phantasm news

by wfgodbold

The opening animation and character introduction videos are up (they have the same music, and it’s more annoying than J-Pop usually is, so beware) (H/T ANN).

The official site has also been updated with a short Q & A with Type Moon’s Kinoko Nasu and Takeshi Takeuchi; they’re both very grateful to all the fans who have made Type Moon a success, and discuss their favorite characters (Nasu’s is Rin, and Takeuchi’s is Gilgamesh).

From the videos (and the fact that the OVAs are being based on Take Moon), Carnival Phantasm looks like it’s mainly going to be taking the Tsukihime and Fate characters and putting them in ridiculous situations; they’ll be the characters from the games, but they won’t have to deal with angst and violence.

I really enjoyed the four panel comic anthologies featuring Type Moon characters, and this looks like it’s going to be the same style of humor.

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