More TSA incompetence in action

by wfgodbold

Though they don’t get all the blame; if you manage to fly from New York to Los Angeles without a valid boarding pass, it takes incompetence at far more than just one level.

Not only did the man in question (a Nigerian) not have a valid passport, but he was using someone else’s EXPIRED boarding pass.

Not to worry, though. This just proves that the system works.

I’m sure the TSA will assure us that all proper procedures were followed.


2 Comments to “More TSA incompetence in action”

  1. the TSA said it does not believe Noibi is connected to terrorism.

    The most incompetent agency in the US government – the one directly responsible for preventing this sort of thing in the first place – doesn’t think he’s a terrorist.

    Well, that’s reassuring.

    • Sure, they say that now.

      It’s almost like the TSA and the ATF are in a race to see which can be the worst agency, and they keep one-upping each other.

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