by wfgodbold

Super Stardust HD is another of the games Sony is making available as part of their Welcome Back apology program after the PlayStation Network hacking incident.

It’s a frenetic Asteroids-style shoot’em-up; the player controls a spaceship in orbit around a planet (the left stick moves the ship, and the right directs weapon fire in any direction), and the goal is to destroy all of the asteroids and attacking alien ships.

To that end, the player’s space fighter has been equipped with three basic lasers (each do extra damage vs. a particular kind of rock, but all do some damage to all rocks) and bombs; contact with asteroids or enemy ships will destroy the fighter, so the player has to dodge or destroy everything (bombs will wipe out everything in the ship’s vicinity, and make a good panic button).

It’s a good twitch game, and it’s easy to learn (but hard to master, as they say); if you’re played a video game in the last thirty years, you’ll be able to pick it up and jump right in.

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