Fire Tune No. 31

by wfgodbold

Rental Magica focuses on the cases taken by a small company staffed with various magic users, who hire themselves out to solve supernatural problems.

The main character, Itsuki Iba (and current head of the company Astral after his father’s disappearance), has one magic ability; his right eye can see through any enchantment. Because of its power, he has it sealed with a magical eyepatch until the situation warrants its use.

The two main heroines use different styles of magic; Honami Takase Ambler (Itsuki’s childhood friend) is a Celtic witch, and Adelicia Lenn Mathers (head of Goetia, an English magician society) can summon the various demons contained in the Key of Solomon.

A ghost, a shrine maiden, and an onmyouji round out the regular cast, and ensure that Astral has a wealth of magical abilities to call on to solve whatever problems Itsuki gets them involved with.


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