Holster bleg

by wfgodbold

Comp-Tac is running a one-day-only sale on Independence Day.

I’ve been thinking about getting a paddle holster for some time now (my current holster is an IWB Minotaur Spartan, and I use an IWB magazine carrier as well), and 20% off is hard to pass up. It’s worked just fine for my P226, but I’m looking for a holster that’s easier to put on and take off; I’m starting law school in the fall, and campus carry is verboten in my state.

That said, does anyone have any comments on the concealability, retention, and comfort of their paddle holster?

Is it worth springing for one of the competition kits (that come with either a mag carrier, or a mag carrier and reinforced belt)?

Would you recommend a different brand of paddle holster?

Should I scrap this plan and get a pocket 9 mm and holster and go with pocket carry, instead?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-roll pop?


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