Mysterious Arms, Soma

by wfgodbold

Tales of Hearts released for the DS a few months after Tales of Vesperia’s release on the Xbox 360; unlike Vesperia, though, Hearts was never released outside of Japan.

Unlike the recent console releases, Hearts continued using a 2D sprite-based battle system; the DS’s hardware wasn’t able to deliver a true Tales of 3D battle experience (they tried with Tales of Innocence, and it didn’t look so hot).

I haven’t played it yet; I did have one of my minions in Japan buy a used copy this past week, and I should have it in another week or two (even with shipping, it’s still nearly 50% cheaper than the $69 is asking). Since I’m at the final save point in Tales of Graces, it should get here just in time to tide me over until Tales of Xillia’s release in September!

Sakuraba’s battle music is as good as usual, though; even with the limits of the DS hardware.


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