And so privacy is sacrificed on the altar of “efficiency”

by wfgodbold

By so-called “conservatives” in the comments at this Hot Air piece on whether the police should be required to get warrants to put tracking devices on cars.

I understand that public roads are public, and we have no expectation of privacy while driving on them; that’s why the police don’t need a warrant to tail persons of interest.

Being subject to tailing is a far cry from having every movement monitored without any effort by the police, though; if they want to tail someone, they have to expend far more resources than just sneaking up on your car in the middle of the night and planting a tracking device.

If the police want to spy on what goes on in a person’s house, they either must observe from public land, or get a warrant; cars are also private property, and the police should be no more permitted to plant devices without warrants than they can bug your phone line without one.

We need a Bureau of Sabotage.


2 Comments to “And so privacy is sacrificed on the altar of “efficiency””

  1. And that is pretty much why I am of the opinion that the Police-State-Known-As-America is neigh inevitable at this point – when both parties are gleefully supporting policies that destroy privacy and aid the police in doing whatever the hell it is they want to… we can pretty much write our society off.

    • It doesn’t help that no one is thinking ahead; everyone supports drastic power grants when their party is in charge, without giving any thought whatsoever to what the other party might do with that power when they inevitably wrest control back.

      I’m also getting sick of policies essentially being enacted “for the duration of the emergency” without any way to roll them back or scale them down or eliminate them completely.

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