Operation Fast and Melodious

by wfgodbold

I had an odd dream last night; from what I’ve been able to remember of it, the BATFE wasn’t in charge of guns, booze, bombs, and cigs, but music and dancing; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tempo, Fortissimo, and Encores.

Their SWAT ninjas would kick in the doors of white boys (like me!), who were attempting to dance without a rhythm tax stamp.

The big news was that the ATF had a big music-running scandal blow up in their faces: Operation Fast and Melodious. Music store owners had been falling down on the job, and were letting shady guys buy all the music they wanted and carry it to unauthorized users in buckets.

I’m sure there was more, but dream memory is fleeting. The idea of federal music cops and Operation Fast and Melodious stuck with me, though.

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