Plan 1056

by wfgodbold

Full Metal Panic is the story of a young mech pilot in an alternate present where the cold war never ended, tasked with protecting a high school girl from the terrorists and Soviets that want to kidnap her and unlock the scientific breakthroughs that she receives via transmissions from who knows where (they don’t call it Black Technology because they know everything about it, after all).

While the pilot, Sousuke Sagara, is a fish out of water (he grew up all over Asia in various war zones) and is utterly incapable of adapting to life in peaceful Japan, when the SHTF he’s a teenaged determinator, and will do whatever is necessary to complete his mission.

Most of the humor in the show comes from when he applies his single-minded determination to utterly mundane tasks; in one episode (in the second season), he detonates his shoebox because someone tampered with it.

The show isn’t all fun and games, though; the first season alternates between a couple episodes of comedy and then 3 or 4 episode serious action stories, complete with giant robots battling (though not with quite as many explosions as a Michael Bay giant robot film might have).


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