Everyone needs a hobby, I guess

by wfgodbold

Though why you’d make that hobby collecting sealed first-pressing editions of PlayStation 2 games is beyond me.

I can’t decide if it would be more ridiculous if the guy were to buy a second copy of some games so he could actually play some of them, or if he never actually intended to play any of them.

But the guy isn’t bothering anyone else, so if he wants to spend his money on sealed games, that’s his business.

2 Comments to “Everyone needs a hobby, I guess”

  1. People collect weird things. Heck, there’s a Glock collectors association, for heaven’s sake… 😉

    • You know, I think collecting Glocks would be cheaper. If that guy bought all 1805 PS2 games for $50 each, that’s over $90k. There are what, ~40-50 different Glock models?

      Hell, for $90 grand you could probably even get a Class 2 license and get the NFA Glocks, too. And have money left over!

      I wonder if there’s any overlap between the Glock collectors and the vintage tupperware collectors…

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