Uncharted Worlds

by wfgodbold

Ah, Mass Effect. Bioware’s magnum opus (I guess?).

I hated it.

Actually, hate is too strong of a word. I thought it was very mediocre. The setting was boilerplate SF, complete with blue alien chicks, evil robots, and annoying alien councils that hate and look down on humanity.

I’m convinced that Bioware has a template they use when they plot out their games; it played out almost exactly like Knights of the Old Republic did, only with different cardboard characters plugged into the nondescript SF (and without lightsabers, of course).

The loading times were atrocious; you regularly had to wait more than a minute between areas for everything to load, and instead of fixing this in Mass Effect 2, they actually managed to make some of the load times worse (in my defense, I bought ME 1 for $20, and ME 2 also for $20; after Jade Empire, I resolved never to pay full price for a Bioware game again. After quitting ME 2 because of the load times, I’ve resolved never to buy a Bioware game again.).

The music was okay, though. Good thing, too; if I’d had to listen to awful music while waiting for planets to load, I’d have snapped the disc in half.


One Comment to “Uncharted Worlds”

  1. No your right, Mass Effect is the manifestation of Hollywood mediocrity in video games.
    Compare to Xenogears, Planescape Torment, 999, Neir, FF6 & FF4, etc… Mass Effect can’t touch it.

    IDC if people find it fun. If you break down the experience in pen & pencil and compare this crap with the classics, it wouldn’t look favorable in biowares part. At the very least, we can give them props for some of their ‘technical achievements’
    ~Gambit VII

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