Why are some people so willing to submit themselves to the will of the state?

by wfgodbold

No good could come of abolishing the jury system.


The state didn’t prove its case.

You can’t hang someone for probably killing someone, like Tam said.

Our whole legal system is set up to err on the side of not sending people to jail (or it was, before plea bargains became all the rage).

If we destroy that because every single case doesn’t go the way that we think it ought to, then we’ll be left with a police state.

And we’ll deserve it, to boot.


2 Comments to “Why are some people so willing to submit themselves to the will of the state?”

  1. Some people need to submit, but they are too “smart” to fall for that infallable God thing. So they worship an infallable State instead.

    • I guess so. I just don’t understand it; the government is made up of normal people (work with me, here), and normal people are no saints.

      Why would they become sainted by giving them a gun and a badge? Or giving them vast power over their fellow man, with hardly any accountability?

      You’d think skepticism of government would be more common; if the man comes up to you and asks for more power, your first thought shouldn’t be, “What can the government accomplish with this?” but, “How can the government use this against me?”

      Look at the TSA; it was created to catch terrorists (I crack myself up, sometimes), but it’s been turned into a bludgeon wielded by the state against anyone who wants to travel. Even if knives (not just box cutters, like the 9/11 hijackers used) were allowed on planes, no one would let a hijacking get enough momentum to get started. Even if the jackers were the only ones armed.

      The TSA hasn’t stopped any of the incidents where people have smuggled stuff onto planes in the years since its creation. It’s reacted slowly and after the fact, and the unarmed passengers have assumed the responsibility for their own safety. And yet still we put up with blatant assaults on liberty.

      I wonder how much of the blame we can lay at the feet of the guy who first said, “If it saves just one life, it’s worth it.”

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