Ice Valley ~ Phendrana Drifts Theme #1

by wfgodbold

Metroid Prime was the first game in the series to break from the 3rd person view and give the player first-person control of Samus Aran.

It does a pretty good job of pulling off the Metroidvania style of gameplay in a 3D world (instead of a sidescrolling 2D world), but IIRC it makes some changes to traditional FPS gameplay.

The main addition is the ability to lock-on to enemies; this gives the gameplay the run and gun feel of the 2D Metroid games, but also makes it less difficult than other FPS games (circle-strafing with lock-on targeting is a joke).

One of the cooler additions is the multiple visors; in the ice levels, Samus finds a thermal visor, letting her more easily see certain machines and enemies. Later in the game, she finds an x-ray visor, which lets her see through most solid objects and detect invisible enemies.

One Comment to “Ice Valley ~ Phendrana Drifts Theme #1”

  1. Metroid Prime is an example of how other developers can bring justice to titles worthy of praise.
    You have to admit, Metroid Prime has one of the best soundtracks for metroid in general!
    ~Gambit VII

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