Oh, *that’s* why Nintendo has the final say on bringing Xenoblade to the US

by wfgodbold

I must have missed the fact that Monolith Soft is one of their subsidiaries (which makes the move to Kyoto understandable; that’s where Nintendo is headquartered). Apparently, Bamco sold the developer to Nintendo four years ago.

Anyway, I wish the American fans luck in their futile quest to convince Reggie and his band of recalcitrants that just because the game is being translated into English for a European release, they should also release it in the US.

Nintendo doesn’t care about hardcore gamers (let’s face it; it’s only the hardcore gamers that buy Wii RPGs). They make far more money selling the Wii to kids, parents, and retirees to care that a couple hundred thousand college students are throwing hissy fits about the lack of RPGs on Nintendo’s flagship console.

Especially since the fanboys will keep coming back to buy Nintendo’s next big thing.


2 Responses to “Oh, *that’s* why Nintendo has the final say on bringing Xenoblade to the US”

  1. It’s quite unfortunate that Xenoblade currently has no plans for it’s release in the US.

    HOWEVER, Monolithsoft is currently working on the next Mecha-RPG title that will “blow us away” (article from siliconera.com)
    ~Gambit VII


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