Theme of Those Who Weave History

by wfgodbold

After Working Designs did their typical overboard localization of Growlanser II and III, ATLUS decided that hey, maybe there was a market for the series in the US after all, and localized the fifth game, Growlanser V: Generations (under the title Growlanser: Heritage of War on account of WD’s bundled release of II & III as Growlanser: Generations).

The changes made to the game for this installment weren’t well received; it breaks the game up into discreet chapters, and the player apparently must relevel in each.

It still has Satoshi Urushihara’s iconic character designs (which the West may get more of if the rumors of Langrisser’s release on the PSN are true). Note: be careful if you search for more of Urushihara’s work; he’s quite prolific, and most of it is very NSFW.


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