They don’t call it totalitarianism because everyone eats Total for breakfast, Fareed…

by wfgodbold

They call it that because the state recognizes no limits on its authority to regulate behavior (wait a a minute…). Even when it comes to simple things like what movies people can watch.

Apparently China has had a moratorium on foreign film releases for the past month (and for the foreseeable future).

Fareed Zakaria feigns shock, saying “Can you believe it? Beijing has imposed a moratorium on new foreign films.”

I don’t know why this is hard to believe; given the choice between poorly produced, badly written propaganda and a Michael Bay film, I’d go with Michael Bay every time. For that matter, I routinely choose Bay films over more “serious” films; when I go to the movies, I want spectacle, explosions, and action, not an overpaid simpleton lecturing me about what a horrible person I am for not holding the same opinions as him on whatever the cause du jour is.

Why did films like Redacted ($781k gross revenue on a budget of $5 million) do so badly? Because filmgoers can spot propaganda, and given a choice between it any damn near anything else, they’ll go with the latter.

Unless their choice is taken away.


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