Theme of R.O.D. -long version-

by wfgodbold

Read or Die: everyone’s favorite OVA (with a full-length TV series sequel) about the special operations division of the British Library.

Yomiko Readman is a papermaster, bibliophile, and agent of the British Library; when not in her own world, reading whatever rare edition book she spent her rent money on, she’s sent on missions where her unique ability to manipulate paper gives her an advantage.

I don’t mean she folds it into interesting shapes; merely by touching paper, she can create large objects, hold them together, build walls, stop bullets, and even use paper as a weapon.

It’s a spy show, with superpowered spies.

And a jazzy theme.


3 Responses to “Theme of R.O.D. -long version-”

  1. I need to watch that again. The only time I’ve seen it was several years ago on Cartoon Network, before I really paid attention to anime, so I didn’t really get it. It was interesting-but-odd. Looking back, I think I might enjoy it more now.

    • I think it works a lot better if you don’t look at the plot too closely; it’s a pretty ridiculous concept, and the real point is the action, not the plot.

      That doesn’t mean that the plot is bad (what there is of it; the OVA is only 3 episodes, so it doesn’t have much more than an 80 minute movie would), just that it’s not Miyazaki.


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