Eternal Glacies

by wfgodbold

Panzer Dragoon Orta turned out to be the final game in the rail-shooter Panzer Dragoon series, where the player controls the pilot (?) of a flying dragon, hell-bent on fighting against the evil empire and its hordes of mooks.

Because it’s on rails, you don’t actually control the eponymous dragon’s full range of movement; you’re limited to moving around the screen to dodge enemies, obstacles, and incoming fire (a la Space Harrier, another SEGA classic). As you kill more enemies, the dragon levels up and can be customized.

Unfortunately, on my first playthrough I customized for the way I’d been playing the game up to that point; it turned out that my playstyle was utterly useless against the final boss, and so I had to start over (that happened to me in Knights of the Old Republic, too, and I was even more furious then; restarting a ~30 hour game is a much bigger PITA than restarting a 4-5 hour game).

At one point, Orta is crippled and has to run across the tundra; the following track plays during that stage.


One Comment to “Eternal Glacies”

  1. WOW! I’ve always wanted to play this series, especially panzer dragoon saga!! (RPG)
    Not only are they all rare, but they can be quite pricy! Not to mention the recording device I have can’t process titles like these so I can’t make youtube videos to recommend them 😦
    ~Gambit VII

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