If it’s weird for guys in their 30s to play video games…

by wfgodbold

Then prepare for more “weird” guys. And girls, for that matter; anyone of either sex in their 30s or younger has most likely played video games for their entire life.

No matter what the Today show thinks.

The NES launched in the US in 1985; even someone at the top end of the nebulous “30s” bracket would have been a young teenager and started gaming then. Everyone in their mid/early thirties or younger has always lived in a world where video games existed.

No one bats an eye if someone watches TV for 3 or 4 hours a night; if they spend that time playing Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, or World of Warcraft instead of watching American Idol, Hoarders, and Pawn Stars, though, that’s beyond the pale.

I think the root cause of the complaint regarding guys playing video games isn’t so much that they’re playing games; it’s that they’re not paying attention to the girl in question (there’s essentially no difference between complaining about a guy gaming all the time and complaining about a guy watching sports all the time).

Not everything a guy does has to revolve around you. Forty-two per cent of gamers are women; maybe if you actually tried out some of his interests instead of just complaining that what he likes doing is weird, you might find that you like video games, too!


2 Comments to “If it’s weird for guys in their 30s to play video games…”

  1. 32 and I’m in for life!

    I’m also married, so not too weird….still most people I know call me “Weer’d” so…well…

    • This makes about as much sense as someone who can’t read complaining that those kids are wasting their time reading those new-fangled books, and reading’ll never catch on!

      I’m 30 and still game; my brother is 27 and recently married, and he still games; and my dad is 65 and even he games (admittedly, he only ever plays Civilization II, but still).

      Given most of the crap on TV, I’d rather hang out with someone who games, even if I don’t like the games they play, than someone who follows Jersey Shore religiously.

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