Geoscape 1

by wfgodbold

Given yesterday’s news about 2K Games’s ex post facto molestation of my childhood, I thought I would make up for it by picking a track from the original X-COM: UFO Defense game (even if it’s not “contemporary”).

Aliens are attacking, and the governments of Earth formed the X-COM program to defend against their assaults; each month you are paid, and that money has to hire soldiers, pay for ammo, weapons, tanks, transport planes, interceptors, and whatever else you need to form an elite squad of anti-UFO badasses.

In between missions, you can manage your organization; once you pick up a UFO on the radar, though, you have to go after it (if you let too many UFOs go by without stopping them, your funding gets cut); you can either shoot it down, or wait for it to land.

If you shoot down the UFO, usually you have to deal with fewer aliens, but more of the ship is destroyed and you can’t salvage as much technology to research and sell. If you let the ship land, you get more tech and alien hardware, but you have a tougher fight ahead of you.

While on the mission, the game switches gears to a squad-based tactical design; you control each of the squaddies, and have to take care to position them behind cover so that the aliens don’t take them out when it’s the computer’s turn.

X-COM: UFO Defense is available at Steam, either as part of the entire series value pack for $15 or standalone for $5 (Open X-COM lets you play the game on more than just Windows (though it’s still a work in progress)).


3 Responses to “Geoscape 1”

  1. Now that brings back memories of countless hours lost in front of the warm glow of a CRT…

    • I’m surprised they didn’t port the original to the DS (or PSN, or Xbox Live, or whatever). It’s not a big game, and they could’ve done it on the cheap, I bet.
      And it would have built some hype for the new game (even if the new game is a travesty).


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