The law, in its majestic equality…

by wfgodbold

Not only forbids both the rich and the poor alike from sleeping under bridges, but also does not allow for the banning of mosques.

You  might say that the First Amendment, in its majestic equality, protects the rights of the Christian as well as the Satanist, the Jew as well as the Muslim, and the Wiccan as well as the atheist.

No matter what Herman Cain thinks, I don’t agree that a blanket ban on building mosques would be, uh, kosher, so to speak.

Even if you were the most rabid, Muslim-hating reactionary the world has yet seen, it would make sense to forego banning mosques; after all, if Islam goes underground, it would be a lot harder to keep tabs on all of the Muslims than if they gather at the mosque for regular services.

If mosques can be banned, then it’s not a stretch at all to say that majority Muslim communities could ban churches or synagogues, or so say that majority atheist communities could ban all places of worship.

After all, they’re not banning the actual practice, just a building, right?

Just when you think you’ve found a candidate you might be able to support, they go an unleash their inner statist. Herman Cain had some good ideas; trampling the Constitution is not one of them.

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