by wfgodbold

I never could figure out Vagrant Story.

I’ve tried playing through it three or four times, but after getting a ways into the city of Lea Monde, I couldn’t do enough damage to kill anything. Part of this is due to the weird “Risk” system, where the more damage Ashley Riot (the protagonist and member of the Valendia Knights of the Peace) does (or takes), the less damage he does. You can string together long combo attacks, and by the end, each hit is doing one point of damage; when enemies have hundreds of HP, this makes battles a bit tedious.

I understand that a big part of the game is reforging weapons; each monster type is supposed to be weak to a certain kind of damage, and if you adjust your weapons accordingly, you should be able to more effectively kill them. I never figured out how to get that to work properly, I guess.

The art direction should be familiar to anyone who’s played Final Fantasy XII, and is obliquely referenced in several of the more recent Final Fantasy Tactics games; Yasumi Matsuno, Vagrant Story’s director, later went on to work on those games as well.


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