It looks like you’re trying to create a Balanced Budget Amendment. Would you like some help?

by wfgodbold

An amendment isn’t going to magically solve Congress’s problems.

Especially when they’re already required to provide a budget every year; it’s been more than 800 days since the last budget was passed. Why would a balanced budget do any better?

Any BBA than can pass Congress and get confirmed by enough states to become law is going to be either so toothless as to be useless, or so riddled with loopholes and exceptions that it might as well not exist.

You’d be better off fashioning it from the sound of a cat’s footfall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish, and the spittle of a bird.

After all, if something isn’t going to exist in any meaningful way, you might as well build it out of materials that don’t exist.

If the Edda were written today, I’m sure one of the materials the dwarves used to create Gleipnir would have been “the conscience of a politician.”

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