Just when I was worried that my foil hat was losing its luster

by wfgodbold

That conglomeration of kleptocrats, despots, tyrants, and general pain-in-the-ass busybodies otherwise known as the UN goes and talks about creating a green-helmeted “environmental peacekeeping force.

A more suspicious man than I might tie this to their unceasing efforts to ban via treaty small arms (I certainly can’t imagine why a bunch of power-hungry dictators would want to make it harder for their loyal subjects to get arms. It’s a goddamn mystery.), but I’m sure that’s just a happy coincidence (Look, even the Canadians think the treaty is out there. Aside from a few, anyway.)

I suppose I should be grateful that the UN isn’t at least talking about AGW; in light of recent news, it seems that the sun has even more of an effect on climate than originally thought (shocking, I know), and that even a couple of puny asteroids have had enough of a chaotic effect on the earth’s orbit that its climate can’t be traced back more than 60 million years.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how science is supposed to work; when new information is learned, it’s supposed to be integrated in with what we already know, and anything that doesn’t fit with the new factual information is no longer treated as the truth. Consensus has no place here; if every scientist and non-scientist, save one man, agreed that the sun revolved around the earth, that consensus would not make it so.

Stay tuned for more exciting science; hopefully my theory about the aliens moving around asteroids in an attempt to flood island nations and cause unrest, with a side of green-helmeted UN peacekeeping environmentalists invading forcibly disarmed despot-ruled nations will prove to be true.

After all, it’s science*!

*That last paragraph is not actually science**.

**Or is it?









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